Everest Untold

ISBN: 9781431424498

Author: Patrick Conroy    Publisher: Jacana Media (Pty) Ltd

Everest Untold is the unknown backstory of a journalist who was an eyewitness to the tragedies which occurred on the mountain in 1996. The aim of the book is to bring to life the diary entries, audio recordings and recollections of Patrick Conroy to explore unexamined evidence of the tragedies and to revisit many of the assumptions of what truly happened during Everest's most deadly climbing season. Conroy reported live from the mountain throughout the climbing season of that year. However Everest Untold unveils his personal story and experiences. It begins with Conroy arriving in Kathmandu on the start of his journey towards the world's highest peak. At the time the South African expedition had nearly fallen apart and the official sponsor, the Sunday Times newspaper, had pulled out of the adventure citing concerns over the leadership of the team under Ian Woodall. The most senior climbers had also abandoned Woodall leaving him with a relatively inexperienced team to try and summit Everest. Conroy foreshadows the upcoming tragedies with a mixture of humour and youthful excitement as he approaches Everest. Yet, less than 24 hours after arriving in Base Camp the first climber is killed. Conroy then takes the reader on a journey through a killer storm which claimed eight lives. He recounts past expeditions and tales of tragedy and heroism on the mountain which have become part of mountaineering lore and shaped the way climbers approached the mountain in 1996. Conroy is forced however to confront the death of fellow South African team mate, Bruce Herrod, who disappeared on the peak shortly after reaching the summit. Conroy must review the notes he took, the radio recordings, the accounts of other climbers and ask a very difficult question – 'Who was to blame for Bruce's death'.

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Publication Date: 10-08-2017

Availability Date: 30-11-2017

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