Driven By Design : Values Visions Skoda

ISBN: 9783961710034

Publisher: TeNeues

The exciting history of a major brand: from the legendary ŠKODA 935 DYNAMIC to stars from ŠKODA’s current portfolio – Driven by Design “Everything needs a soul - at least everything that’s supposed to have meaning.” This is one of the guiding principles for the ŠKODA Design team and the jumping-off point for Driven by Design, which takes the reader on an exciting and emotional journey into the DNA of the Czech auto manufacturer. Since its founding over 120 years ago, the company has successfully captured the spirit of every era while simultaneously creating vehicles of timeless beauty throughout its long, rich history. Driven by Design provides thrilling insights into the vehicle design and development process. We’ll look over the designers’ shoulders during the crowning moments of their long journey from a vision to a finished product, from idea to ideal: inspiration, sketch, sculpture. The bar is set high – to create cars with character that appeal to all five senses. This aspiration has been perfectly realized in the new KODIAQ SUV, a vehicle that combines breathtaking design, functionality, and comfort while remaining decidedly and distinctively a ŠKODA. Thanks to Driven by Design, we know how such masterpieces are made. ŠKODA is one of the world’s oldest auto manufacturers. The company was established in 1895 by Václav Klement and Václav Laurin and initially used the founders’ last names as the company name. The headquarters, however, have always been in Mladá Boleslav, northeast of Prague. ŠKODA vehicles have always been known for their emotional and contemporary design: from the hand-built ŠKODA 860 (1929–1933) and the ŠKODA POPULAR MONTE CARLO (1935–1938) to the ŠKODA OCTAVIA COMBI (1961–1971). On April 16, 1991, “ŠKODA Automobil AG” became part of the Volkswagen Group. But one thing has never changed: ŠKODAs do more than move people; they move dreams as well.

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Publication Date: 20-04-2017

Availability Date: 30-06-2017

Tags: May 2017   Transport

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