Cat Tales

ISBN: 9781846892295

Author: Tom Quinn    Publisher: Quiller Publishing

A beautifully produced hardback featuring a unique collection of extraordinary, whimsical and sometimes bizarre but true stories. Many of the best and most intriguing stories, some of which date back to the early 19th Century, have been discovered in long-forgotten books and magazines, but all reflect our enduring passion for man’s feline friend. Stories include everything from the cat that saved its canary friend by seizing the canary in its mouth, to the cat that nursed a ‘missing’ leveret, to the sagacity of Miss P’s adopted feline friend who foiled a burglary and last but not least, Miss Deb’s (the family cat) who knocks on the door for prompt attention became as well known to the servant as that of any other member of the family, and, no doubt to Miss Deb’s great satisfaction, it usually met with prompt attention! A delightful collection of short feline stories spanning the last two centuries Balanced mix of charming, quirky and true tales that will amuse the reader Stories that tap into our passion for cats and can be read in any order Delighful illustrations by Nicola L Robinson Perfect gift for every cat lover

Bind: hardback

Pages: 208

Dimensions: 138 x 216 mm

Publication Date: 29-07-2016

Availability Date: 28-10-2016

Tags: August 2016   Science & Nature   Humour & Gift

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