Atlas of Anatomy

ISBN: 9783848009145

Publisher: h f Ullmann

Anatomical and clinical knowledge described in a way everybody understands: Compiled by the editorial team of the world famous Sobotta Atlas, this volume provides you with a thorough overview of the human body and its different structures. Aided by more than 600 high-quality illustrations, drawings as well as fotos, concise textual material and detailed illustrations render the complexities of the muscular, the sensory and nervous systems accessible to the layman. The color-codes of the 13 chapters allow an intuitive approach. Following the detailed illustrations of organs and their functions, the texts are arranged by cues and colored enumerations. In extra chapters, the most common illnesses and physical dysfunctions are explained as well as their common ways of diagnosis and treatment. The Atlas of Anatomy is the competent guide for those seeking initial advice as well as for everyone willing to explore the greatest miracle known―the human body.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 448

Dimensions: 211 x 271 mm

Tags: Health & Wellbeing   Reference   Education   Science & Nature

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