Animals of Africa - Make Your Own Paper Animals

ISBN: 9788415967798

Author: patrick Pasques    Publisher: Promo Press

Papercraft toys are a unique way of bringing together creative and spatial abilities and of helping children to strengthen their cognitive skills. This book offers children a great selection of some of their favourite animals, such as lions, elephants, or zebras in 20 cut-out templates.The book taps into the fascination that African animals arouse in all children. An ideal book for children and grown-up fans of 3D papercraft alike, and a splendid gift crafted from the highest-quality materials. Patrick Pasques is a well-known children’s and paper craft author. He is also the author of 3D Paper Craft Racing Cars and 3D Paper Craft Robots, both long-time bestsellers.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 48

Availability Date: 29-09-2016

Tags: November 2016   Childrens (All)   Architecture & Design

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