A Beautiful Mess

ISBN: 9783832734985

Author: Claire Bingham    Publisher: TeNeues

Learn to mix patterns and collectibles with confidence Step inside inspiring, eclectic, and maximalist homes Decorating tips, tricks, and ideas to try from style maverick   A far cry from the calm simplicity of Scandinavian interiors or bare-room minimalism, now there is a bold alternative: the motto is “more is more” and ‘individuality’ the key word. From highly-decorated interiors that are jam-packed with fabulous objects, to cool and cultivated apartments that are wonderfully unkempt, design writer Claire Bingham takes a tour around the world’s most exciting, free-spirited abodes where the interiors dazzle and half-measures aren’t allowed. Filled with prints, patterns, and curios, these homes will undoubtedly inspire readers to unleash their creativity. Celebrating the ornate, wild, and whimsical, this beautifully-illustrated book includes loads of great decorating advice and ideas to steal. In contrast to the life-changing magic of tidying, for these creative home owners messy is good. Bye, bye minimal. Say hello to houses that are full of life.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 192

Dimensions: 223 x 287 mm

Tags: March 2017   Arts & Photography   Architecture & Design   Home & Garden

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